What is 6WINE4?

6WINE4 is your headquarters for all your favorite tastings, dinners, and special wine features around town. We are striving to build a connected community of wine lovers who are seeking to grow their palate, build their cellars, or just find a new bottle for Tuesday night.


Why use 6WINE4?

6wine4 offers a curated list  of events from our dedicated partner locations around Columbus. We team up with them to help get the word out about exciting new specials, featured guests, and fantastic wine experiences to come. Using 6wine4 helps build a community tailored to your tastes, and strives to make it easy and simple to find your favorite events.

Are there other benefits?

Yes! Aside from the events page on the site, we are developing a weekly newsletter that will keep you up to date on the monthly tasting schedule, custom emails that will keep you notified on events that relate to your preferences, and a wine club with membership benefits. We are working to reward you for attendance and growing your love for wine.

How do my tickets work?

Each time you purchase a ticket on 6wine4, we send out a confirmation email to both your account, and our partner location. On the day of the event, our partners are also delivered an up to date guest list with contact info, so you can be sure they are ready to take care of you!

What if I cannot attend an event I have purchased tickets for?

Our refund policy allows for ticket holders to be refunded in full with 7 days notice or more. If you have any questions, please reach us at our customer support email Info@6wine4.com.

Can I send someone in my place to a tasting?

Absolutely! Let’s say you come down with the flu the day of your tasting, and cannot receive a refund for your tickets. Don’t let them go to waste! Send a friend to enjoy those wines in your stead. Email us their contact info so we can notify the event partner, and we’ll make sure they get to enjoy the tasting just the way you would.

Why are some events hosted through TicketTailor, and others through Eventbrite?

Our main mission is to make finding great events in Columbus as easy as possible for users, and simple for our partners to provide. For partners who already post events online, we provide their Eventbrite link so you can find their tickets. For those who don’t, we create a TicketTailor page to help get the word out and offer an online option for scoring tickets.

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